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Accelerometry Measured Impacts – Validation Internship

Accelerometry Measured Impacts – Validation Internship

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Urban Sports Performance Centre

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Urban Sports Performance CENTRE Eindhoven

Accelerometry Measured Impacts – ValidatioN INterNship

Who are you?

Are you a student studying human movement science, sport and technology? Do you have a passion for sports, analytics, and injury prevention? Then we are looking for you!

About the internship

Who are We?
The Urban Sports Performance Centre (USPC) is an innovation center that aims to raise the performance of urban athletes (skateboarding, BMX freestyle, free running, breakdancing) to a higher level through knowledge and innovation. We are partners of many sport institutions within the Netherlands such as various InnoSportLabs, TeamNL Center South and Olympic Federations.

Internship Description and Internship Roles.
Urban sports have some of the highest force impacts out of all sports. Understanding how many impacts and how strong these impacts are, are essential for preventing injuries and understanding fatigue. The USPC has started creating a mobile impact tracking application for urban sports using the Xsens DOTs. The Xsens DOTs are inertial measurements units (IMUs), which are small portable accelerometers and gyroscopes that allow users to record free accelerations (X, Y, Z axis) and orientations (X, Y, Z axis) in real time, plug and play! You can record a training session by syncing the DOTs using Bluetooth to your smart phone which in the end creates a .csv file. The .csv file can be uploaded to our docker application that shows the average impact, highest impacts using a Force = mass x acceleration methodology in the Z axis. We are looking for a student that is interested in conducting a validation study for our impact tracking software. We would like a student that has access to force plates and an interest in wearables and rigorous testing. To ensure that our product is accurate with its impact readings we need to validate it against the gold standard: force plates. The internship would also involve looking at different placements on the body to compare / contrast correlations between placements and against the force plate measurements.

Profile of a Perfect Student
– Understanding of data visualization
– Interest in wearable technology
– Proficient in academic writing and research
– Methodological and convergent thinking skills

What do we offer?
-A dynamic learning and working environment in a young team with fellow interns.
-Room to further develop your own creativity, entrepreneurship, and independence.
-Opportunities to broadly expand your own network.

Are you the enthusiastic Intern that we are looking for?
This internship is set for February 2023. We are looking for 3rd/4th year student(s). Are you interested in this project and want to join the USPCs team? Send your motivation and CV to Raymund ten Broek (


Study: human movement sciences, movement and technology, sport and technology
Year: 3/4


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